West Plaza will be built around the center of the business district

yesterday, the Xining Municipal Development Investment Fair will be held in the state owned land reserve project in the South City Convention and Exhibition Center, the province and outside the 20 merchants were invited to participate in the special promotion. it is understood that, in accordance with the Xining City West District "12th Five-Year" plan, […]

Xining’s first billion yuan in fixed asset investment

107 billion 900 million yuan – this is the end of October this year, the total amount of investment in fixed assets completed. This figure is very heavy, marking the first time the city’s fixed asset investment exceeded 100 billion mark, the size of the investment re innovation, to further optimize the economic structure of […]

The seventh China open day held in our province

9 20 April, sponsored by the National Bureau of Statistics survey team of Qinghai, Haidong investigation team, Haidong Municipal Statistics Bureau and other departments jointly hosted the seventh session of the "Chinese statistics open day event held at the safe area of Haidong City, open this year on the theme of" agricultural census Fu to […]

Qinghai Expressway ETC lanes and national networking countdown

Reporters from the Qinghai Provincial Highway Construction Management Bureau, after 2 years of construction, our province highway electronic toll collection system (ETC) lanes will achieve nationwide networking operation at the end of August. I province in May 2013 started the research and development work of ETC system, and in October 20th of that year, the […]

National seismic background field detection project in our city steadily

Chinese earthquake background field detection project "is the first project of the national earthquake safety plan started, in the" fifteen "during the implementation of the" Chinese digital earthquake observation network construction based on the optimization of observation network layout, to fill the gaps in the monitoring area, enhance the scientific array detection ability, after the […]

Northern Hainan across the region for provident fund

in order to facilitate the extraction of housing provident fund, from September 1st onwards, workers paid housing fund management center of Qinghai Province, Hainan and Haibei state housing provident fund management center housing provident fund management center, regional choice in Xining, Haibei Prefecture and Hainan state housing provident fund entrusted to the bank remote from […]