Talking about CPM, CPC, CPA, PFP website money description

A network media (Web site) will contain ten or even several tens of thousands of pages, on the network advertisement position and price involves the specific page and browse number. This is like the print media (such as newspapers) of the "position" and "Circulation", or radio media (television) "time" and "ratings" concept. 1.CPM (Cost Per […]

Fill in the GG phone from Western Union

today to help a friend to get Google Adsense to pay advertising costs, to a not previously visited network, Chongqing Jiangbei District in the Guanyin Bridge bank teller, actually asked to fill out Google phone. I, accompanied by friends at least 20 times for Western Union business, had never been asked to fill out the […]

The 100 day into the station design

crawling on the Internet for so long, out of work for nearly two years, the main thing is to do website construction and website promotion. In the webmaster online to see more colleagues experience, think of yourself as a station, and the station can be profitable, not profitable website no power to do it. although […]