What factors to consider before opening shop

shop should be fully investigated before. No investigation, no right to speak. The location of the population is located in the vicinity of the store, the nature of the units gathered nearby, the nature of the work, the region’s spending power, habits, whether there are similar shops, if so, to investigate their business good ring. […]

Prevention of the ten small business mistakes

small business mistakes that should be how to go out, to prevent   small business misunderstanding is the primary task, small business mistakes prevention skills is inevitable, the so-called entrepreneurial myth is that most entrepreneurs in the project selection made by   the common problem, this problem must be solved first problem. 1.

Those who do not know the 90 entrepreneurs

90 are considered to be the character of the generation of publicity, whether they are dealing with anything particularly self and high profile, so 90 entrepreneurs are also considered high-profile entrepreneurs. It is true that, do not forget there are these unknown but the achievements of 90 entrepreneurs.

Open the pot to join the fans

how to open a pot of rice food store? Shop to make money? This is a lot of small entrepreneurs want to know the answer, today Xiaobian take you together to analyze the situation, so that the majority of investors are ready to take a look at it! location selection: rice cooker is characterized by […]

How to open a theme restaurant

catering industry is now full of business opportunities, choose a suitable project, easy to get rich no problem. Children’s restaurant is the main object of service for children, from the restaurant decoration, business models, dishes design, marketing activities are the main theme of the theme of the restaurant market for children.

Open wonton stores need those funds

open wonton stores generally need to invest what spending? Many franchisees are more interested in this topic, if you want to understand some of the more careful expenditure then quickly look at it, Xiaobian compiled the relevant information you want to have some inspiration. 1.: Generally speaking, the rent is not afraid of high rents, […]

What are the support of happy ranch cafeteria

happy ranch is a unique feature of the food and beverage project, is a self catering brand founded by the people of Inner Mongolia. At the same time happy ranch culture background and the characteristics of the small inheritance Hot pot, but also by virtue of its own "personality" in talent shows itself in the […]